Attendance Tracking

Take the hassle out of tracking hours.

Attendance Tracking

Simply AHT will ensure the accuracy of employee time and attendance, pay, and absence requests. In addition, we give businesses a greater degree of control over labor costs, allowing them to increase productivity, profitability, and profitability by reducing labor costs.

Attendance Tracking

Employee attendance tracking software

Ease Of Use

Employees have access to self-service features for improved productivity and engagement, and you can spot trends before they negatively impact your business.

Advanced Technology

Instantly calculate hourly totals, including overtime, and avoid costly mistakes. Time clock data flows directly to payroll to avoid manual and potentially error-prone data entry.


Our time and attendance software also offers features to help prevent employees from abusing the system and costing you money.

Prevent Human Error

Despite having a calculator, spreadsheet, or other resources at hand, nobody is perfect. Choose Simply to avoid costly errors.

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