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Why outsource Human Resources?

Minimize Risks

When outsourcing HR you minimize many risks that come with owning a business such as hiring, turnover rates, and Quality control of employees. With Simply AHT, we will find you only the best of employees to guarantee a reduced turnover rate, leading to a better workplace environment.

Maximize Compliance

Compliance targets are constantly changing as the regulatory environment evolves. Whether you are in full compliance or not, something may shift, forcing you to tweak your approach to remain compliant. It is imperative for your business to adapt; otherwise, it might be put at risk. Simply AHT is here to help you and your business adapt and overcome these compliance targets.


HR Expertise

There is no single person who can cover all HR- and compliance-related tasks, and it is unrealistic to think a small business could afford to hire multiple HR professionals for each of these tasks, due to them not being revenue-generating. This is where HR Resolve comes in, we have a team of HR Professionals with a joint experience of over 10 years we guarantee to bring all our knowledge and dedication to help your business expand and evolve past what you thought was possible.


Saves Money

The technology and support you can gain as a small business can be immense by outsourcing human resources. The cost of hiring an HR manager can reach close to $90,000 per year, once benefits and taxes are considered. However, by outsourcing HR businesses can save anywhere from $30,000 to $70,000 annually largely depending on company size.


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