Income Tax Preparation

Maximizing your returns, minimizing your stress.

Local Income Tax Preparation

Taxes can be very confusing and tough to navigate; Staying up to date with ever-changing rates and codes, while making sure that everything is done on time and perfectly. Well, worry no more; that is what we are here for. At Simply Accounting, HR, & Taxes. We not only handle all your needs but go above and beyond to ensure we are leaving a positive impact on everyone that becomes our client!

Income Tax Preparation, Local Tax Preparation

Who we provide Tax Preparations For


Our tax planning services include filing individual and business returns (electronic filing at no additional fee). New and existing clients have the option to either schedule an appointment, walk-in and drop off, or opt to upload all tax materials securely via our Client Portal- all from the comfort of your own home!


We pride ourselves in making our service affordable to all types of business owners and individuals, listed below are the more common tax return forms however with there being over 1,000 IRS forms covering expenses and income feel free to give us a call anytime and we would be more than happy to help.


We take the security of your information incredibly serious. We use software that is continually updated in addition to document management tools that have bank level encryption. All information has to have a username and password to be accessed.

Filing your taxes is as easy 1...2...3

Prepare Documents

Put together the appropriate paperwork for your taxes. If you are unsure if you have collected all the paperwork you need, feel free to ask for our tax document checklist.

Drop Off

Stop by our office or use our online client portal to send the documents which you have prepared. We review all documents we receive and verify we have everything we need.


In about three weeks after we have received all your paperwork, we will give you a call to let you know your taxes are ready to be signed and picked up. Don’t have time to come to our office? We have the capability to have you securely electronically sign for no additional cost.

Why hire a professional?

Saves You money

It is not uncommon for a tax professional to identify even one deduction or tax credit that you may have missed that can easily exceed the fee you will pay for having your return prepared by a professional.
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Saves you Time

The IRS reports that the average tax return with deductions takes nearly 20 hours to complete.
Can you imagine how valuable that time would be to you?
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Constant change in tax laws

Professional tax preparers stay up to date with the constantly changing tax laws and codes, so you don't have to.
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Mistakes are costly

You can avoid errors and ensure that your returns are prepared correctly by using a tax professional to help eliminate missed deductions or trigger an IRS letter or audit.
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Previous Returns

A tax professional can look at your past returns to see if any deductions were missed and, if so, we will simply amend them for you with a small fee.
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Reduce Audit Risk

The IRS is not an easy agency to deal with, but a professional tax preparer knows how to deal with it if you are audited or the IRS asks questions you are unable to easily answer
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