Small Business Consulting

Coming along your side to build strategies and sustainable growth

Business Foundation Services

Looking to handle your small business finances on your own but feeling overwhelmed? Or are you ready to expand but unsure of the next step? Our Small Business consulting services are tailored to your needs and goals. Simply Accounting HR & Taxes provides individualized consulting to guide you through every step of starting, managing, and growing your business. From initial setup to hiring and scaling, we’ve got you covered. Let us help your small business thrive.

Benefits of Business Consulting

Strategic Guidance

Business consulting provides small businesses with valuable insights and strategic direction. Consultants analyze your current operations, market position, and objectives to develop tailored strategies that align with your goals. This guidance helps you make informed decisions and adapt to changing market conditions, maximizing your business's potential for growth

Expertise and Knowledge

Small businesses often lack in-house expertise across various areas. Business consultants bring a wealth of knowledge and experience, offering specialized insights in areas such as marketing, finance, operations, and more. Their expertise can help you navigate challenges, optimize processes, and capitalize on emerging opportunities, all while avoiding costly mistakes.

Our Services

The owner of a business shouldn’t have to do it alone. With our help, owners build a strong foundation through education and guidance in several key areas.

  • You can count on our team to ensure that your accounting software is optimized to support an efficient and streamlined workflow.
  • Maintain separate accounts for your business and personal affairs.
  • Planning budgets
  • Paying yourself
  • Proper Recordkeeping
  • Employees vs. Contractors
  • Personal use of a  company vehicle

  • Retirement plan options
  • Plan selection and set-up

Software system setup & training

  • The accounting system 
    • Chart of accounts setup
    • Linking bank accounts and credit cards
    • Day-to-day use
  • Payroll
    • Establishing a proper setup
    • Show efficient and easy ways to use


  • The accounting system 
    • Chart of accounts setup
    • Linking bank accounts and credit cards
    • Day-to-day use
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