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In a rapidly changing industry always be sure to have someone you can trust for your HR needs.

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Suzann Chester
Great team I have used them for the past two years and they do a great job!
Philip James
Shenay and Jason are top notch when it comes to HR solutions. Their smiles will almost make you forget how badass they really are, but don’t be fooled. These two will take your business needs to the next level, all while running circles around your mind. Dimensions are shattered as Shenay’s gaze breaks in through your eyes and snatches your soul right out of your body, slaps some sense into it, and forces it back inside your head before you even realize what happened. Did I mention the smiles? Stop wasting your company’s precious time and money and let HR Resolve be your only choice for HR needs.
Morgan McCarthy
Violeta Leon
Tony Johnson

Frequently Asked Questions

Simply AHT welcomes all small and medium-sized business owners to give us a call and find out if we are the right team for your business.

The cost of our HR Services varies for every business as no business has the same employees, pay, benefits, etc…

Our starting price for HR Services such as payroll start at $85

We offer free consultations and evaluations of your business to determine which services we will provide and how much they will cost.

Simply AHT helps everyone. So whether you want a whole HR package or just payroll for example, Simply AHT is the place for you. All our plans are custom to each client as your business is not the same as anyone else’s.

With Simply AHT we help you with all backend processes allowing you to focus on the forefront of your business and really make yourself stand out. We provide valuable insight and information about costs, labor and other business expenses to look for areas of improvement, and then develop a plan for you and your business to execute.

Simply AHT loves to help fellow entrepreneurs find their footing. So don’t be worried, if you have an idea for your business and you want to turn it into a reality come to us and see what can be possible.

Simply AHT offers support through our business operating hours,  however with important processes on our hands such as payroll, if any issues ever occur we make sure to deal with them promtly.

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